Accessories for Lifts and Docks

Protect your investment from sun, wind, rain, and bird damage while keeping your shoreline stylish. Made right here in the U.S.A., a boat cover or canopy from Manke Enterprises is tailored to suit your needs. With a sleek array of color choices and durable fabrics, your boat cover or canopy will maintain the condition of your watercraft. Not to mention, increase the value of your lakeshore property.

Here’s a bright idea- combine the useful table top of our Gear Tower with a trouble-free, no-cost light source. The surface is perfect for drinks, a radio, or even for cleaning fish. Life jackets, tow ropes, and towels hang neatly on the heavy duty storage hooks. Now you can bring organization and lighting to any place that gets touched by the sunshine. Find out more about ShoreStation lights here.

Go green! Integrate the safety and style of your ShoreStation dock onto the land around it. Hey, we even made them easy to transport. The base becomes weighted with the one thing that’s always around docks- water! For that reason, it’s brilliant next to swimming pools, too.

Our new solar version of the popular Dock Light is simply brilliant- in many ways! It shines much brighter than solar lights you’re used to seeing in fact, it emits as much light as a 40-watt bulb. And it’s all powered thanks to the hi-tech solar panel, which means no wiring, no expense, no worries! Move it wherever you need light, “Quick-as-a-Click”.