Canopy Covers


Protect your investment from sun, wind, rain, and bird damage while keeping your shoreline stylish. Made right here in the U.S.A., a boat cover or canopy from Manke Enterprises is tailored to suit your needs. With a sleek array of color choices and durable fabrics, your boat cover or canopy will maintain the condition of your watercraft. Not to mention, increase the value of your lakeshore property. Continue reading to see the boat covers for sale.



Your boat lift canopy is an important part of protecting your investment. ShoreTex canopies from ShoreMaster Fabrics do the job with reliability and style. If you’ve just bought a new lift, or if you’re looking to upgrade an older lift, ShoreTex has a range of solutions for you.

ShoreTex Canopies

The canopy on your boat lift is essential in protecting your boat from the sun, wind, rain, and birds. ShoreMaster Fabrics offers a range of colors and fabrics to fit your budget and tastes. Manke Enterprises offers ShoreTex canopies for new lifts, or as a replacement for worn out canopies or an upgrade to improve the look and value of your lakeside home.

All ShoreTex canopies are custom-tailored to fit the frames of ShoreStation and Porta-Dock lifts, so there’s no worry about whether or not they’ll fit. Manufactured in the USA by skilled craftspeople, these covers feature the highest grade marine materials to protect your boat from the elements. All Shoretex canopies are available in exclusive designer colors including: Fern, Nutmeg, Bark, Fog and Storm.

The ShoreTex line comes in three styles of fabric:

ShoreTex Vinyl

ShoreTex Vinyl is made with an exclusive extrusion process to produce a superior fabric ideally suited to marine application. The long-lasting vinyl is softer than that from other manufacturers, which means less wrinkling and a higher resistance to cracking and peeling.

Harbor-Time Fabric

Made from high-count woven polyester with acrylic coating, Harbor-Time fabric boasts long-lasting color retention and excellent water repellency. The 10½ oz. fabric won’t shrink or stretch and is resistant to mildew and UV rays.

SeaMark Fabric

SeaMark fabric is the ultimate in marine fabrics. It’s an ideal combination of Sunbrella, the premier woven fabric, and Haartz textured marine-grade vinyl. The result is a rich, colorfast, waterproof fabric that stands up to the harsh conditions of any marine environment.