Docks and Piers


ShoreStation Docks

Manke Enterprises is proudly the largest ShoreStation dealer in the Midwest! We are experts when it comes to ShoreStation products.  Our company's buying power means we offer very competitive pricing. 

ShoreStation docks combine flexibility, durability and craftsmanship with a classic design that has stood up to the test of time for 50 years. Whether you choose Stationary Dock, Rolling Dock or the new Floating Dock, ShoreStation has a solution to fit your needs.

Read about ShoreStation's Dock Advantages here.

Classic Sectional Docks

  • Welded deck sections are available in your choice of Nostalgic Cedar or Low maintenance aluminum
  • Modular design makes it easy to create thousands of different layouts
  • Variety of easily attachable accessories. From ladders and dock bumpers to our stylish EON bench, they're all here

ShoreBridge Docks

Versatile to fit on virtually any lakefront!

  1. Attractive caramel-beige arch truss design features drop-in aluminum sand beige decking and color-matched accessories
  2. Choose from roll-in, free-standing, pile or pipe supports
  3. Add Accessories to customize your layout. From ladders and dock bumpers to our stylish EON bench, they're all here


Wickcraft has served lake front owners since 1954 by manufacturing the finest, most durable boat docks and piers. Customer satisfaction is their first priority. All Wickercraft piers, marine rail, and walkway systems are made with pride by experienced knowledgeable staff.

Wickcraft piers have been meeting and exceeding expectations since 1954. Wickcraft Company, Inc. not only strives to provide the highest quality piers and accessories but also holds a strong focus on customer service. For over a decade, Manke Enterprises has been a Wickcraft retailer, backing up the quality manufacturing with experienced sales and service.

Easy to Install and Remove

Wickcraft boat docks and piers use the posi-lock connecting system for a quick and easy installation. Wickcraft piers are so easy to install and remove that it can all be done by one person without getting in the water!

Galvanized Steel Frame

Wickcraft pier frames are constructed from galvanized steel. The steel frames add increased stability, even in rough waters. Galvanized steel is also extremely durable and has a lifetime of 52 years submerged before rusting. Plus, it actually weighs less than aluminum, making Wickcraft piers lighter to handle when installing and removing from the water.

To Fit Your Needs

Wickcraft piers can be customized to fit all of your waterfront needs from dealing with challenging shore lines to varying lake floors and river bottoms. The posi-lock connecting system allows for a variety of configurations that are flexible and interchangeable, giving you unlimited design options for added waterfront enjoyment. As your needs change, so can your Wickcraft pier by adding intermediate sections at any time.

Priced to Fit Your Lifestyle

Wickcraft piers are competitively priced so that you get the best bang for your buck! Whether you are looking for a basic L-shaped pier, floating pier, or the elaborately designed pier of your dreams, Manke Enterprises can help you configure the best pier within your budget. Displayed below are just a few of our standard designs. More designs are available upon request, or let us create a custom design to meet your needs.

Dock Removal Lodi WI


Voyager Dock

Strong, stylish and maintenance free, Voyager Dock is the ultimate dock system for both residential and commercial waterfronts. Indestructible marine grade aluminum adds value to your property while its sleek appearance creates envy from your neighbors. Though there are multiple colors to choose from and even a new wood-grain aluminum decking, Voyager Dock is more than meets the eye. With both traditional and reinforced Titan boards, your decking will be ultra-durable. Made in the heart of Minnesota, Voyager Dock is UV protected and able to withstand temperatures from -25°F to 120°F. Design your Voyager Dock here.


Porta Dock

Since 1966, building quality boat storage equipment has been Porta-Dock’s focus. Their expansive line of framework, configurations, decking, and accessory options are guaranteed to work with any model of boat, pontoon or personal watercraft. See the Porta Dock catalog here.


What are the Different Kinds of Docks?

ShoreStation has three different types of dock to meet your shoreline needs: Rolling, Stationary, and Floating. All are built to be durable, attractive, and expandable. Choose from cool powder-coated aluminum or classic cedar decking for your stationary or rolling dock. Plus, you can fit all of them with a wide range of attractive accessories.

Stationary Dock:

A Stationary Dock is the style most people are familiar with. It’s a traditional dock which uses stationary legs and foot pads that rest on the lake bed. A Stationary Dock is perfect for situations such as steep drop-offs and rocky uneven lake beds. The available legs allow it work in water 12 inches to 4 feet deep.

Stationary Dock is installed and removed one section at a time. The sections are held together by spring-loaded lever locks that require no tools to use. Leg heights can also be adjusted without using any tools.

Rolling Dock:

The Rolling Dock is a traditional Stationary Dock on wheels. For shorelines with smooth gradually-sloping lake beds, Rolling Dock makes for the ultimate in easy installation. The entire dock can be assembled on the ground and rolled into place all at once. The leg system lets you use a Rolling Dock in water up to 7 feet deep. Just like Stationary Dock, the section locks and legs don’t require any tools.

Floating Dock:

New for 2008, ShoreStation introduces Floating Dock. For areas where the water levels fluctuate or the water is too deep for standard legs, Floating Dock provides a stable and attractive solution. Floating Dock comes in 4 x 8 and 4 x 2 foot sections. The multiple connection points let you create custom layouts to fit your style and space. Also, following the ShoreStation tradition of ease and versatility, Floating Dock is compatible with all the accessories that exist for Stationary and Rolling Dock.