Dock and Lift Services


Do you need a boat dock or pier installed, removed, fixed or upgraded? We’ve got the experience to do the job right the first time.


Seasonal Services

Installation and removal of docks and lifts is what Manke Enterprises does best.  We have four crews and two barges serving over a dozen lakes and rivers in Southern Wisconsin.

Repairs and Maintenance

Unfortunately things break.  Our crews are experienced in repairing everything from minor breakdowns to major damage. We can get you back on the lake in no time!

Marine Recovery

Severe or unexpected weather, collisions, or any number of other factors can result in your equipment under water. Our state of the art barges make recovering your equipment a breeze.


We provide a variety of quality, top-rated products from the industry's most popular name brands.  Whether you're looking for increased functionality or to be the envy of the lake, we've got everything you could want or need.


Sometimes, the most valuable thing we have to offer is our knowledge. If you’re planning on building a boat house, installing a custom dock, or doing something unique, we can help. After more than 30 years in this business, we’ve learned a few tricks of the trade. A couple of hours with Manke Enterprises can save you time, money, and hassle down the road. We can help with boathouse design, rail system implementation, shoreline design, and the layout and placement of your dock and lift.

News Sales

How about something new on your waterway property? At Manke Enterprises, we have the products you are looking for …and much more. The options available through Shorestation are staggering. From docks, lifts, storage, lighting and seating the possibilities are endless. Still, it doesn’t end there. We offer top-quality products from Wickcraft, Porta Dock, ShoreTex and Voyager Dock. With so many new choices, our strategies keep your dream on budget.

Specialty Work

Do you need to get something onto or off of your property but don’t have easy access from the road? If you’re in a tight spot, going by water might be just the answer you’re looking for. Construction materials, equipment, trees, you name it. If it can be moved by our crane barges, Manke Enterprises can probably handle it for you.

We’ve hauled a lot of things in the 30-plus years we’ve been in business. We can easily deliver or carry away construction materials, heavy equipment, trees & logs … almost anything else. We’ve even transported a skid-steer. Our barges can handle in excess of 10 tons per load and over a ton per lift (depending on conditions and load structures). Even if you have something really unusual, give us a call.

Manke Enterprises, is available for subcontract work for companies, working construction, demolition, and transport. We are also available for film and television work. Besides hauling, our barges make great marine platforms for equipment or crews who need to work out on the water. Watch the video below to see Manke in action rescuing a rogue un-manned boat.

Frequently Asked Questions

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